Friday, November 14, 2008

Vampirella 79

Jordi Penalva provides the cover for this issue of Vampirella, featuring Vampirella and a dragon.

First is "Shanghaied" by Gonzalo Mayo (art) and Bill Dubay (story). Vampirella and friends are in Hong Kong, where drug dealers have been dying mysteriously. This is part of a long storyline which has already been covered by me in other issues on this blog.

Second is "Edward & Griselda" by Val Mayerik & Joe Rubenstein (art) and Cary Bates (story). This story tells of a woman in medieval times pursued by dinosaur like creatures. Her husband chases after her and threatens to cut off her foot so she can't get away, but thanks to the creatures it is he who loses a foot instead.

Third is "I Think I'll Keep Her" by Auraleon (art) and Cary Bates (story). A man's beautiful wife dies, so he brings her to Haiti where they are able to bring her back as a zombie. The voodoo expert tells the man that she can't have any salt, making him extra paranoid. When he falls into the ocean on their way back to the States however, she jumps in after him, into the salt water.

Fourth is "Night of the Squid" by Jose Ortiz (art) and Michael Fleisher (story). This story tells of a pair of scientists who are able to switch the body of one of them with a squid. The other scientist has a heart attack however, trapping the other man in the squid's body. When detectives arrive they take his body to the morgue, thinking he is dead. A fellow scientist figures out whats going on, but when she switches bodies back it ends up that the man's body is already filled with formaldehyde.

Last is "Fungus" by Leo Duranona (art/photos) and Archie Goodwin (story). This story is a fumetti story, where instead of drawn artwork there are photographs, with word balloons pasted on. Duranona does do some drawings over the photos on some of the panels. The story surrounds a boarding house where a mysterious fungus starts contaminating one of the guests. The fungus was originally discovered by the creator of the house, who opened a door to another dimension, allowing the fungus to arrive. The fungus soon takes over everyone in the house and starts working on taking over the town as well.

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