Saturday, November 1, 2008

Creepy 140

A terrific cover by Richard Corben starts off this late issue of Creepy. Unfortunately the inside of the magazine isn't as good as the cover is.

First is "The Big Itch!" by Delando Nino (art) and Roger McKenzie (story). This story is about a man who tries to punish a city with a secret compound. A detective he kills however ends up causing the potion to be poured on him, killing him. This story homages "Denny Colt" of the Spirit with the detective Benny Dolt.

Next is "The Silver Stallion Conspiracy", told in two stories. The art is by Fred Carillo and the story is by Gerry Boudreau. An overly complicated story about a woman at a help line who ends up getting involved in a complex conspiracy involving a cartel called the Silver Stallion who lie to her about keeping left wing leaders alive in secret when they're actually a right wing group. Unfortunately for them, an even more powerful secret group finds them out and kills them all.

Next is "There is No Werewolf" by Martin Salvador (art) and Mark Willard (story). This story tells of a group of Russians who come to a small town. One of the professors wants to be famous while the other is more caring of other people. They find a man fighting wolves in the woods which they bring to their cabin with them. He ends up being a beast man however, and kills them. The professor gets his wish of being famous... as a victim of the creature.

After that is "Mummy, Jr." by Jun Lofamia (art) and Gerry Boudreau (story). This is a very short story at only 3 pages long, telling of three archeologists who discover a mummy of a little kid. One of them ends up being a descendent of the Egyptians and kills one of the other archeologists. He plans on stranding the other one there, but she shoots him. Her shots cause the ceiling to collapse however, leaving her with the now awakened mummy.

"One Good Turn" is next, by Victor de la Fuente (story & art). A Lord asks an old sorceress to help him conceive a child. She gives him a potion which he takes and its successful. But when his son is born, he's just a skeleton. It ends up that the sorceress gave him a potion of death instead of a potion of life. As a result, she is executed.

The issue concludes with "Spidership Season" by Peter Hsu (art) and Bob Toomey (story). A very poor, childish story with childish art from Hsu about a pair of kids looking for a firefly. The kids are taken care of by a bizarre octopus like creature. Quite odd.

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