Sunday, October 16, 2011

Warren Swipes

I've got more articles in the works for this blog, but having recently bought a scanner I can finally start up a feature I've been meaning to start on this blog for a while, highlighting some of the numerous artist swipes that can be found in Warren's magazines throughout the years.

This feature will contain a variety of different types of swipes, including swipes from Warren and non-Warren sources. I figured I'd start off with a few from some notable non-Warren sources. Note that the original appears on the left, and the swipe appears on the right.

2001/Stairway to Heaven

Fernando Fernandez is one of my personal favorite Warren artists, and I very rarely see any swipes in his Warren work. That said, he has arguably the most notable and easiest to find one of all, at least for me. "Stairway to Heaven" (Vampirella 29) features arguably his best art job for Warren, but also includes this very obvious swipe of Dave Bowman from the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The Cave of the Storm Nymphs/The Wolves at Wars End/

This next one was brought to my attention by a commentor in a previous post from July. Luis Garcia is my personal favorite of the Warren artists and would be at times swiped himself (in particular Vicente Alcazar, as will be referenced in a future post) but here's an instance of him using Edward John Poyner's The Cave of the Storm Nymphs from what is probably his single best story, "The Wolves at Wars End" (Vampirella 43, originally published in the French magazine Pilote under the title "The Winter of the Last Combat").

Les Naufrages du Temps/Scourge of the Spaceways

Esteban Maroto's "Scourge of the Spaceways" (1984 #2) is one of my most favorite Warren art jobs, particularly due to the extremely surrealistic nature of the artwork. That said, the story contains at least 2 swipes (if not more, as Maroto probably used swipes more than any other Warren artist and it showed particularly in his 1984 stories). This first is taken from the french comic "Les Naufrages du Temps", drawn by Paul Gillon. This comic was later reprinted in Eerie #129 under the title "Spacewrecked", although it was originally drawn in the 1960s.

My World/Scourge of the Spaceways

This second swipe from "Scourge of the Spaceways" comes from "My World", a Wally Wood story from Weird Science #22, which was published by EC comics in the 1950s. This is arguably Wood's most famous story for EC, and it was very obvious where it came from the first time I read this story.

This is it for now, but I already have plenty of others ready for future posts. Please feel free to point out any you've found in the comments!