Friday, November 28, 2008

Creepy 126

Ken Kelly provides the cover for this issue of Creepy, featuring a boy in a bed airborne over a city. Rudy Nebres provides a one page introduction from Uncle Creepy.

First is "Parasite" by Martin Salvador (art) and Budd Lewis (story). This story is about a parasite from a man's brain that ends up killing anyone who has touched him or his corpse. It ends up that the parasite originated from an experiment he performed to create life where he subjected himself to the experiment. Some people investigate it by going to a pyramid hidden on his property.

Second is "Nevada Moon" by Bill Draut (art) and Steven Grant (story). This story is about a werewolf plauging a town. A man who beats his wife kills a wolf, which ends up turning back into a man once dead. The man is bedridden after being hit by a car, and his wife, who had been having an affair with their assistant becomes a werewolf along with him.

Third is "...And Gus Created Woman!" by Anton Caravana (art) and Bruce Jones (story). Gus is a lonely but smart man who buys a beautiful manniquin that he transforms into someone who acts like a real woman. He becomes more and more successful in his life, but starts ignoring her and everything falls apart. He puts her back together but ends up dying afterwards. A so-so story, but Caravana's art is very good.

Fourth is "Ragged Man" by Romeo Tanghal & Alfredo Alcala (art) and Budd Lewis (story). A man and woman return to a concentration camp they were at when they were young. While they were there an old man told them of a Ragged Man that would come save them some day. The evil head of the concentration camp has their sex organs removed and thrown in a well, which eventually comes to life as the Ragged Man and enacts revenge for them.

Fifth is "Dreamer!" by Fred Carillo (art) and Nicola Cuti (story). A boy lives by himself with his Teddy Bear, which can bring his dreams to life. Eventually some adults arrive, and destroy the teddy bear, which was a device meant to protect him while they were gone. The adults want to hold him hostage from his parents, who rule the galaxy, but he is able to get a wolf to kill them.

Last is "Hot Bob" by Herb Arnold (art) and Budd Lewis (story). Hot Bob is a man returning to Earth from exile, making those on Earth very nervous of what he's going to do. When he arrives it ends up he's there to bring animals and plants to an over industrialized Earth, but what he brings is poisonous to anyone over 30.

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