Saturday, October 25, 2008

Vampirella 81

A half reprint/half new issue of Vampirella, featuring all Vampirella stories. The cover is a reprint of Sanjulian's cover for issue 16, with a recolored background by Kim McQuaite.

First is "Vampirella and the Alien Amazon" by Pablo Marcos (art) and Bill Dubay (story). This story, which continues from the previous issue has Vampirella and Pantha captured on a spaceship by a Lupae alien woman. The alien woman explains the origin of the battle between the Drakulons and the Lupae, and how the Lupae caused the destruction of Drakulon. With the help of the demon summoned by Pendragon in the previous story, Vampirella and Pantha escape from their captor, and get back to Earth where they're reunited with Adam, Conrad and Pendragon.

Second is "Scourge of the Dragon Queen", by Gonzalo Mayo (art) and Bill Dubay (story), wrapping up the Vampirella storyline that had been taking place throughout the issues in the late 70's. Vampirella and friends are in Hong Kong, investigating the murder of multiple heroin drug dealers from a dragon. Through some investigation Vampirella encounters the dragon, which is actually a shape shifting old man who was taking revenge for his murdered son. His revenge completed, the old man kills himself.

Third is "And Be A Bride of Chaos", a reprint from Vampirella 16. Art is by Jose Gonzalez while story is from Archie Goodwin. Vampi and Pendragon are hired to perform for Count Dracula himself, who is holding a meeting of various members of the Cult of Chaos to decide who will be the bride of Chaos and bear his child. While one of the priestesses, Lucretia strongly desires to be the bride, Dracula chooses Vampirella instead and takes her captive. Dracula tells of his origin, about how he is originally from Drakulon and is able to take on the bodies of various people. Conrad Van Helsing arrives and tries to kill Dracula, but the powers given to him by Chaos prevent him from dying. Vampirella arrives however, freed by Lucretia, and rescues Conrad. Chaos takes Dracula's powers away and he crumbles into dust since the stake remains in his heart. Lucretia meanwhile, as a mere mortal crumbles to dust upon Chaos's arrival.

Last is "Dracula Still Lives, a reprint from Vampirella 18. Art is by Jose Gonzalez and story is by T. Casey Brennan. Continuing from the previous story, Dracula is once again brought to life when another man sits inside his coffin. He summons the conjuress, a powerful woman he had originally summoned when he was on Drakulon. Vampi meanwhile heads after Dracula into a mirror world where she decides to spare his life. Conrad, believing she is going to turn his son into a vampire seeks to destroy the mirror, trapping her in there forever, but Vampi is able to make it out okay.

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alex said...

"And Be A Bride of Chaos" - jeesh.. this story has been repeated more than once.