Friday, October 3, 2008

Creepy 96

An alien encounter special for this issue of Creepy, featuring an alien on the cover by Kim McQuaite.

First story is "Predation" by Rudy Nebres (art) and Bruce Jones (story). This story would win the Warren award for best art in a story for 1978. The story features a pair or alien lovers who look like humanoid frogs that come to Africa and decide to spend their day in the bodies of a pair of lions. Meanwhile a husband and wife head hunting into this area with a tour guide. While the husband does work, the wife and tour guide head out hunting and she ends up killing one of the lions, and the other soon is killed as well. The aliens however decide to occupy their bodies, and are forced to stay on Earth because their ship gets destroyed.

Next is "Trilby and the Star Rovers" by Luis Bermejo (art) and the team of Bill Dubay & Budd Lewis (story). A young boy named Toby is spoken to by the Trilby of the title, who comes from another planet. His parents don't believe him however, thinking he's making it up. When Toby is taken for real by Trilby however, his parents soon realize that he wasn't lying after all.

Third is "Bonga and Me" by Esteban Maroto (art) and Nicola Cuti (story). A young woman named Felci, the last surviving member of her tribe is kicked out of the tribe that destroyed her's. She wanders through the woods where she meets a baby dinosaur which she calls Bonga. When Bonga grows up into a Tyranosaurus Rex like creature, she heads back to the tribe and takes over, declaring herself chief. She works on taking over multiple other tribes, but suddenly Bonga dissappears when aliens, who originally lost him on Earth arrive to get him back. They are forced to seek her help however to keep him under control. This story was clearly originally intended for Eerie 90, which is a girl & lizard monster special issue. Maroto's artwork is quite poor compared to his usual excellence.

Fourth is "Alien!" by Martin Salvador (art) and Bill Dubay (story). A depressing story about a pair of men at war with alien creatures that look like giant walking frogs. One of the soldiers decides to leave two orphanned aliens alone, including one which is half human, half alien, but it comes back to haunt him later when they come after him and his friend.

Fifth is "The Green" by Luis Bermejo (art) and Bruce Jones (story). A young man, a 'Green', gets assigned for transporting ammunition through space rather than going into battle like he had hoped. As the months pass by on their long mission, his commanding officer tells him of their destination, a planet occupied by beautiful woman who will continuously have sex with them, as well as the fabulous food and exciting battles they will get into there. When they finally arrive, the Green realizes that it was all a lie, and was just a story his commander told him so he wouldn't go crazy on the way there. A fun story that I would rank as my favorite of the issue.

The issue concludes with "Alien Strain" by Alex Nino (art) and Bill Dubay (story). A 'Banggi' and his human friend are attacked by various aliens when they arrive at a planet where they have transported some robots. The mob has good reason to fear him however, as by arriving the Banggi has caused an epidemic where thousand of Banggi larva work their way through various prostitutes, infesting the planet. Very odd looking aliens here by Nino, as usual for him.

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