Friday, February 13, 2009

Creepy 46

Running low on Eerie's in my backlog for the moment, so I'll be tackling another Creepy today.

Sanjulian provides the cover for this issue of Creepy, dated July 1972. Two segments of Creepy's Loathsome Lore in this issue. The first, "The Undertaker's Model" by Luis Garcia (art) and Jack Butterworth (story) is in the inside front cover, while "Monsters of the Id!" by Clif Jackson (story & art) is in the inside back cover.

First is "Cross of Blood" by Esteban Maroto (art) and Doug Moench (story). This story is about a vampire, how he became one, and the many deaths he encounters. He is able to survive death by being staked multiple times due to followers and others that end up pulling stakes out of him. Eventually however he is done in by his latest lover when the shadow of a cross becomes his doom.

Second is "Behold the Cybernite!" by Tom Sutton (art) and Rich Margopoulos (story). Margopoulos's first Warren story is pretty good, too bad he didn't stay this good throughout his career. This story features an alien that exists solely as a brain; it is from a planet where all the lifeforms have given up their human bodies in exchange for robot ones controlled by their brains. He is told by his leader to take over Earth so they can use its resources. But his ship is damaged and he arrives in a junk yard where the entire ship, including him and his robot body are crushed.

Third is "On the Ninth Day of Satan" by Felix Mas (art) and Kevin Pagan (story). This story features a man that comes to a village in search of a friend, finding that the villagers are wary of him because they are said to be in the clutch of Satan. This includes Cerberus, an agent of Satan that appears in the village as a human. A so-so story that isn't that good compared to what else is here, but Mas's art is his usual good quality.

Fourth is "I Invisible" by Jose Bea (story & art). A very fun to read story, featuring a scientist who creates a formula that can make a person invisible. He uses it on himself then goes to sleep. He awakens later to find that it only partially worked; his skin is now invisible, but his organs are clearly visible! He goes to the lab to try and find a solution and passes out. An intern responsible for disposing of bodies then thinks he is one, and puts him in the furnace! Bea was an expert at extremely bizarre looking stories and this is certainly one of them.

Fifth is the cover story "Spellbound" by Luis Garcia (art) and Lynn Marron (story). A powerful knight, Delmar is recruited by an old crone to obtain a magical box from a neighboring kingdom for her. In exchange, he will rule the country by her side. He travels to the neighboring country where he rescues a beautiful woman, Eileen from a pack of wolves. She brings him to her home where she lives with Flavin, a scholar. When Delmar follows Flavin to the basement to find where the box he is looking for is he is imprisoned. Eileen frees him, under the assumption that he'll depart with her. But he instead takes the box and leaves on his own. As soon as he leaves with the box the entire castle and its inhabitants, including Eileen and Flavin decay and die. Delmar returns the box to the crone, who immediately becomes young and beautiful. He passes on his reward however and leaves. Fairly good story, certainly helped a lot by Luis Garcia's tremendous artwork. It was the first story of his I'd ever read so it certainly is a memorable one to me.

Sixth is "Night Watch" by Jorge Galvez (art) and E.A. Fedory (story). This story was originally a fan page submission that got turned into an actual official Warren story. It features a pair of night watchmen who for fun go hunting for bats during their shift. One of the men comes across a vampire during his hunt and is bitten by it. Later the other man goes hunting and ends up killing his former colleague, who is now a vampire himself.

Last is "Friedhelm the Magnificent" by Richard Corben (art) and Greg Potter (story). A daredevil is famous for his ability to jump from high heights and survive the fall. In actuality he only survives the falls because of a deal he has with two men who have the power to keep him alive. When they request he uphold his part of the bargain by killing himself however, he refuses and instead kills one of the men. The next day he goes on his latest jump however and falls straight down to hell, into the hands of their master, Satan.

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