Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eerie 122

Romas Kukalis provides the cover for this issue of Eerie, cover dated July 1981.

First is the stand alone story "The Beast Of Sarnadd-Doom!" by Gonzalo Mayo (art) and Budd Lewis (story). Good story and art, quite a contrast to the usual fare from Eerie from this time period. The story features a warrior, Behk-Bagahn returning to the city Sarnadd Doom which he had taken over at an earlier time. An evil lizard giant lives in the city which Behk-Bagahn fights. By destroying the creature however, he transforms into a smaller one himself, and is slain by his fellow men who are hunting, soon afterwards.

The latest Zud Kamish story is next, "The Chameleon Stands Revealed!" by E.R. Cruz (art) and Jim Stenstrum (story). Nothing all that new here; both the art and story continue to be an extreme dissappointment. Zud tries to figure out who the traitor in his group of friends is. Cole Saxon, another friend of his tells him that his enemies, the Desperados want to meet with him. He does so, then escapes from them. Zud then steals Cole's ship and takes off with it.

The latest story in 'The Mist' series is next, "Victoria Rode the Subway Last Night!". Val Mayerik takes over with the art starting with this story, while Don McGregor continues to be the writer. Lucifer and Victoria meet on the subway again, this time due to Lucifer setting it up. Minions of his accompany him on the subway. She is helped from being harmed by a man on he subway, and they escape.

"Haggarth Book II' is next, the latest in the Haggarth series. Art and story continue to be by Victor de la Fuente. A group of priests pray to their God, 'Khost', and the head priest is killed by their king, a very short individual named Thall. The friend that Haggarth made earlier gets in trouble when he takes a vest off a dead man, then gets caught by the man's allies. Haggarth meanwhile meets the old man who helped him in the first few stories of the series, who fills him in on whats going on with Thall. Haggarth runs into his friend again and they wander towards a large stone obelisk. Haggarth heads inside where he encounters a priest.

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