Saturday, May 10, 2008

Eerie 48

This issue's Wolfman cover is by Sanjulian. For the most part a pretty good cover, except for the werewolf's face, which just doesn't look good to me.

Up first is "The Son of Dracula", credited to Bill Dubay & Rich Buckler for both the story and art. This continues from the last issue's Dracula story, where Dracula was shot by a man with long white hair. This story, told mostly in flashbacks explains about a woman who Dracula met and fell in love with, and who eventually died, but not before giving birth to his son. The end of the story reveals that the white haired man in the present was this son. Unfortunately this is where the series ends, right in the middle of things. It was also odd that after the first two parts where drawn by Tom Sutton, the art was suddenly changed to Dubay and Buckler.

The first part of the series "The Mummy Walks" is next, "...And An End!", with art by Jaime Brocal and story by Steve Skeates. This story is about a man, Michael, who finds an amulet that enables him to occupy the body of a mummy. After an argument with his girlfriend, he occupies the mummy's body and kills both her and his colleague whom she was kissing. Upon returning to his human body, he finds the amulet missing however, and his mummy body is burned, killing him. The epilogue introduces a man, Jerome Curry, who finds the amulet years later, which the remainder of the series is about. This series was a really good one, particularly in the first six parts. The series kind of falls apart in the last three stories for reasons that we'll discuss when I get to those issues.

Third is "Think of Me and I'll Be There" by Martin Salvador (art) and Jack Butterworth (story). Unfortunately I can't completely cover this story, as I've only got the first 5 pages of it (the rest are missing in my copy of this issue). From what I have of the story, it surrounds a woman whose lover died in a car crash who is demonstrating telekinetic abilities. Unfortunately that's all I can cover. Luckily there is only one other incomplete story in my Warren collection, so this will only happen once more.

Next is "On A Stalking Moonlit Night!", the first part of the series "Curse of the Werewolf", with story by Al Milgrom and art by Rich Buckler & Bill Dubay. This story features a man, Arthur Lemming, who becomes a werewolf during the full moon. In his human life he argues constantly with her wife and discovers she's having an affair. As the story ends, he becomes a werewolf again, goes on a rampage, and ends up killing his daughter. The artwork isn't that great, but this is a pretty good story. This was a fairly good series for a while although it would eventually fall apart when Steve Skeates took the series over later on.

Fifth is "The Resurrection Man" by Paul Neary (art) and Jack Butterworth (story). This story is about a man who brings a girl back to life, but she ends up going crazy. His wife tells the story to a reporter who says he's going to make it public, so she kills him, revealing that she was brought back from the dead too.

This issue wraps up with this issue's entry for Dax the Warrior, "The Sacrifice", by Esteban Maroto (story & art). Dax encounters a tribe that sacrifices people to a winged monster. Dax kills the winged monster, but the tribe continues to sacrifice people and he agrees to not tell them of its death since it would damage their religious beliefs.

Overall, quite a good issue. From this point on, Eerie would be heavily focused on continuing series. It is for that reason that (actually starting with issue 46), I'll be covering most issues of Eerie (46 through 138) in order, with the exception of the occasional issue that doesn't have continuing series featured in it (like issue 81's Queen Kong special issue).

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