Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Creepy 130

Here's a late issue of Creepy from the summer of 1981. The cover is a good one, by Richard Courtney, featuring the partially dug out skeleton of a giant. This issue features a one page Uncle Creepy intro drawn by Rudy Nebres.

First story is "The Vampire on the Hill" by Martin Salvador (art) and John Ellis Sech (story). The story features a writer in a new town who is attacked by a vampire and eventually becomes one himself. Not that impressive of a story.

Second is "Duel Nature" with is written & illustrated by Laura Buscemi, John Lakey and Artifact (Val Lakey). This story features an alien creature that crashes to Earth and battles a wheelchair bound taxidermist. By the end of the battle both are dead, although the man is able to successfully stuff and display the alien. As usual, Lakey's artwork here is terrific.

Third is "Screaming in the Rain" by Alfredo Alcala (art) and Don McGregor (story). At some future point in time, acid rain has devestated the Earth such that is becoming uninhabitable. The industrial firm whose pollution caused this disaster try to depart the Earth in a rocket ship, only for the acid rain to destroy it!

"Mythologia" by Fred Carrillo (art) and Nicola Cuti (story) is fourth. A ship reaches an uncharted island where they find various scary and beautiful creatures who are the last of their kind. One of the men kills one of the creatures, believing he'll obtain immortality, but he ends up being turned into a centaur who is killed by his companions.

Next is "Missing Love" by Moreno Casares (art) and Brian Jacobs (story). This story takes place in space, featuring an astronaut who is approached by an old man to rescue his beautiful daughter. The astronaut finds the daughter, who ends up being a beast woman.

Last is "Small Dreams" by Herb Arnold (art) and Maggie Pierce (story). The story is about a midget who tries to become a superhero. Although his first quest is successful, when he fights his landlord, he ends up getting killed.

A so-so issue. most of the stories are good, with the exception of the last one.

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Anonymous said...

My ghosts come back to haunt me but it is nice to see them again. Thanks--Nicola Cuti