Thursday, May 1, 2008

Eerie 19

Another issue of Eerie from Warren's down period, featuring half new stories and half reprints. The cover is by Alan Willow and the frontis, "Eerie's Monster Gallery: The Castle of the Frankenstein!" is written and drawn by Tom Sutton.

Up first is "Tomorrow's Reminder" by Tony Williamsune (art) and Bill Parente (story). A group of spacemen arrive on a planet and are overrun by savages. They have no use but to use a disintegration device which wipes out both them and the savages. They end up being inside the body of a sick man, who dies due to their use of the device. An ending similar to "The Last Train of Orion", covered earlier in issue 28 of this title.

Next is "Dark Kingdom" by Gray Morrow (art) and Archie Goodwin (story), which was originally published in Creepy #9. A Spartan, Argo, finds himself in hell, battling various winged creatures, snakes and others. He's able to escape from Hades and live, with a scar on his back as a souvenier. As usual, great art from Morrow.

Another reprint follows, "Dark House of Dreams" by Angelo Torres (art) and Archie Goodwin (story), from Creepy #12. An artist moves into the house of Matthew Gaunt, an evil man who was killed by a mob almost 200 years earlier. The artist has a number of dreams where he encounters Gaunt, and other evil beings, which become worse and worse with each one. Eventually he dies and turns into Gaunt, resurrected. Another very good story, as usual for Torres and Goodwin.

Another new story is up next, "Monstrous Mistake" by Barry Rockwell (art) and Bill Parente (story). A scientist creates a Frankenstein like monster by taking the brain of a colleague who had rejected him, and putting him in the body of a rotting corpse. He uses the beast to take revenge on other colleagues, until it is revealed that the body he dug up belonged to a werewolf, who kills him the night of the full moon.

"The Squaw" by Reed Crandall (art) and Archie Goodwin (story) is next, and is a reprint from Creepy #13. They forgot to replace Uncle Creepy with Cousin Eerie on this story, as they had done on the prior two reprints from this issue. This story, which is an adaption of a Bram Stoker story features a man who kills a kitten by accidently dropping a rock on it. The mother of the cat follows him as he goes to see a torture chamber and steps into an Iron Maiden. The cat jumps at the tour guide holding the iron maiden open, resulting in it shutting on the man, killing him.

Last up is "Unfeeling Heart..." by Ernie Colon (art) and James Haggenmiller (story). Another rather poor art job by Colon on this story. An older gentlemen creates a cyborg whose feelings he is able to emulate and uses him to go out with a woman he likes, but was never able to obtain. He plans revenge by dumping her, but she over reacts and stabs the cyborg, which results in his death as well since he feels everything the cyborg does.

Not that great an issue with the new stuff, although the reprints, as usual, are quite good.

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