Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Eerie 20

Another Eerie from Warren's dark age, although the cover, by H.B. Harris ain't a bad one. Only five stories in this issue, making it a rather short one.

Up first is "Round Trip" by Tony Williamsune (art) and Bill Parente (story). The story features a cab driver who picks up Death itself, and gets in a car accident, dying.

Next is "A Cloak of Darkness" by Reed Crandall (art) and Bill Parente (story). A powerful magician is brought to hell where he steals Satan's cloak, making him the most powerful magician in the world, and ruler of the Earth. Satan comes to reclaim his cloak, but is defeated. Upon his defeat however, the magician is forced to become ruler of Hell in his place.

Another Crandall story is up next, "Cave of the Druids", with story by Archie Goodwin. It was originally published in Eerie 6. A gladiator comes across dead soldiers in the woods with their hearts cut out. He discovers that they were removed by a group of druids seeking to resurrect their dead king. By burning the staff possessed by a druid sorcerress, the gladiator is able to save himself and leave.

Tom Sutton's adaption of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Fall of the House of Usher" is fourth, featuring an adaption of the classic tale about a man visiting an old friend and the mysterious events that occur surrounding him and his ill sister.

Last is yet another reprint, "Dark Rider" by John Severin (art) and Archie Goodwin (story), originally published in Eerie 8. A group of horsemen in the snowy mountains are followed by a mysterious rider in the distance. They die one by one until only one remains. He shoots at the rider, which causes an avalanche that kills him. The rider reveals himself to be Death.

Sorry for the sparse posting lately, I'll try to make it up this weekend!

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