Saturday, April 19, 2008

Vampirella 89

Since I missed making a post on friday, here's another quick post. Here's another late issue of Vampirella with only 3 stories. Enrich's cover was originally published on a paperback book a few years back.

This issue's Vampi story, "A Gathering of Wizards" features Vampi, Pantha, Adam and Conrad being captured in Las Vegas by Father Joseph, whom they had met back in issue 73's full length story. When another adversary, Ten Ichi appears, they fight which gives Vampirella the opportunity to escape and save the day. As usual with the stories from this era, the Vampi story is the most dissappointing one in the issue. Art is by Rudy Nebres and story's by Bill Dubay, under his pseudonym Will Richardson.

Second is "Over the Edge!" by Auraleon (art) and Bruce Jones (story). On a hunting trip a man is on with his brother and wife, his wife is accidently shot. While she is able to recover from her wounds, she acts completely differently, and slowly starts rotting, as if she was dead. Despite this, she still desires her husband and scares him so much that he ends up falling off a cliff to his death. It ends up the whole thing was a charade. The wife was never actually shot, she conspired with her husband's brother to use a cyborg version of her to scare him to his death. Only as they leave, the two of them get in a car crash and she is killed, and the brother is pursued by the rotting cyborg copy. Pretty good story, which is quite similar thematically to last issue's "Night Walk".

Last is "Sight Unseen" by Jose Ortiz (art) and Bruce Jones (story). A young blind woman goes to see her husband on an island only to find him having an affair and plotting to get her killed. She is pursued by multiple assassins and manages to escape time and time again despite being blind, but is eventually caught and brought to her husband to be killed. It ends up all being fake, as her husband set up the whole thing to prove to her how she can get by despite being blind. Upset at him, she orders her dog to kill him. A long story with amazing art from Ortiz on the main character throughout the story. It was selected as one of the top 25 stories in Warren's history in the Warren Companion, although its entry had multiple errors (like claiming the story was set in the pre-Civil war time period). While I wouldn't rank it that high, it is still a damn good story.

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