Monday, April 28, 2008

Eerie 47

Here's another issue of Eerie featuring a Dracula cover, this time done by Luis Dominguez.

Up first is the second part of the Dracula series, "Enter the Dead Thing", continuing from Eerie #46. Art is once again by Tom Sutton and story by Bill Dubay. Having bitten the witch and her assistant, they are now vampires along with Dracula on the ship departing from San Francisco. A rotting corpse kept in a coffin on the ship ends up coming to life and wreacking havok, forcing Dracula and his underlings to turn into bats and escape, heading to Transylvania. There, a man with a shotgun fires upon Dracula, and this is where our story ends, to be continued in the next issue.

Second is "Lillith", which at 19 pages is one of the longest non-series stories to appear in Eerie's history. Art is by Jaime Brocal and story is by Nicola Cuti. The story features the tale of Lillith, Adam's first companion and her quest throughout history to find him and Eve so Satan will restore her lost beauty. As usual, Brocal's art is quite good.

Third is "Snake Man" by Martin Salvador (art) and Greg Potter (story). A man, Kari, dying in the desert is saved by Jerimiah, a man who has transformed into a snake man. They go on a quest to find a snake god, Slikandai and succesfully find him. Slikandai turns Jerimiah back to a real man, but Kari is forced to become a sacrifice for it to occur.

Fourth is "The Message is the Medium" by Paul Neary (art) and Doug Moench (story). Neary, who was originally from England is a pretty good artist with a unique look who'd do a number of stories for Warren. The story this time is hardly that good though, featuring a man who kills his wife, but later encounters her when he takes part in a seance with his lover.

Last is this issue's segment of Dax, "Gemma-5", with art and story by Esteban Maroto. Dax encounters a beautiful woman with sparkling skin who is a slave to a barbarian on the planet Gemma-5. Dax defeats the barbarian and saves her, and later encounters even more barbarians and fights them. The woman escapes by heading into a body of water where she goes into a spaceship and blasts off into space. It seems that like Dax, she too was an alien to the planet and decides to save it from colonization due to her encounters with Dax.

Overall, quite a good issue outside of Moench's story.

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