Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Vampirella 17

This issue's cover is by Enrich. The frontis for this issue, "Vampi's Feary Tales: The Story of Arachne" is by Auraleon (art) and Jan Strnad (story), featuring the origin of the spider.

This issue's Vampi story is "...Beware, Dreamers!" by Jose Gonzalez (art) and T. Casey Brennan (story). Vampi, Pendragon and Adam come across a masked man chained to the ground. Taking off his mask, they are drawn into a dream world. Meanwhile a man, Ernie Johnson, summons a demon serving Chaos and is ordered to kill our three heroes. Our heroes meet Norto in the dream world, the man they found on the ground. They are confronted by a pterodactyl then Johnson, now known as 'Deathslayer'. He kills Norto, which upsets the demon, killing him, and freeing our heroes from the dreamworld.

Next up is "Horus", drawn and written by Esteban Maroto. This story is the first of the series "Tomb of the Gods", which was originally printed in Spain a few years before its appearance here. Although part of a series, all of the Tomb of the Gods stories were self-contained and can be read in any order. The stories generally were quite surreal, and hence hard to summarize here. This story features a man and woman in ancient Egypt confronting the Egyptian God Horus, guarding the sleep of someone, who ends up being the man himself.

"Death in the Shadows" by Luis Garcia (art) and Doug Moench (story) is next. Garcia is my personal favorite of all Warren artists. This story features a girl who exhibits very strange behavior, such as sleeping only during the day. Her parents put her in an asylum, and she is eventually released. Although it appears that she's a vampire, in the end it ends up that its actually her father who is the vampire.

Next is "A Man's World" by Jose Bea (art) and Mike Jennings (story). A pair of reporters visit an all female colony which is located near where a murder took place. There they are treated like kings, including being fed a significantly large amount of food. Eventually they realize the truth, that the women have literally been eating men. They try to escape but are unsuccessful.

Fifth is "Lover of the Bayou" by L.M. Roca (art) and Jan Strnad (story), featuring a girl who lives in the swamp with her parents. She keeps hearing of an entity called 'The Lover' but her parents won't reveal exactly what it is. She heads out for a walk in the swamp and is rescued by a handsome man who tells her that he invented 'The Lover' as a way to scare people away from his home so he'd have some peace and quiet. Only it ends up that he's been lying, and he locks her in a room with 'The Lover', a tentacled monster, which kills her.

Last is 'The Wedding Ring' by Jerry Grandenetti (art) and Steve Skeates (story). A man goes to visit two old friends who got married. The man had always liked the wife and forces himself on her when he learns her husband is away. It ends up that she's a member of a strange cult that causes a ring to appear and shrink around his neck, strangling him.

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