Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vampirella 14

Here's another fairly early issue of Vampirella. the cover's by Sanjulian, one of his earliest for Warren. Blogger isn't working too good today, so I unfortunately can't seem to upload the cover. Sorry!

As usual, our first story stars Vampirella, this one titled "Isle of the Huntress", drawn by Jose Gonzalez and written by Archie Goodwin. The early Vampirella stories were probably the best of the stories featuring her. As for Gonzalez, he was perfectly suited for drawing Vampirella. This story surrounds Vampi, Pendragon and Adam arriving on an island where a werewolf like
beast roams. The werewolf is actually a woman who lives on the island with her husband, who while looking for a cure also procures bait to be hunted by her in her wolf form. Vampi & friends are able to save themselves from being prey and kill the two of them. A pretty good story, in stark contrast to some of the recent Vampis I've been covering from the later issues.

The cover story, "The Wedding Gift" is up next, with art by Mike Ploog and story by Nicola Cuti. The story features Pandora of the Greek legend who is imprisoned and helped by her husband, in exchange for subjugating herself to him.

The "Sword of Light" by Sam Glanzman (story and art) is third, featuring a Queen's kingdom being taken over by a warrior king, Yekkun. One of her subjects deals with a witch to save her by tranforming him into a rat and carrying a ring to her, which she is able to transform into a sword of light and kill Yekun. This would be Glanzman's sole story for Warren.

Fourth is "Deadman's Treasure!", with art by Tom Sutton and story by Lynn Marron, in her Warren debut. A large oaf of a man named Ernie is revealed to have a past life as a pirate when he is hypnotized at a carnival. A man attending the carnival and the hypnotizer use him to find themselves the treasure, but find him too much in character when they discover it, as in
his pirate persona he kills the both of them.

Last is "Wolf Hunt" with art by Esteban Maroto, in his Warren debut, and story by Joe Wehrle. An old man finds a woman who transforms into a wolf in the moonlight and captures her in his castle. She is eventually able to escape and take revenge. As always, Maroto's art is quite good here, the best of the issue.

Overall not a great issue, but the artwork is pretty good across the board at least.

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