Monday, March 23, 2009

Creepy 28

Our cover for this issue is by Vic Prezio, featuring the interior reprint story "The Doorway". This issue is from August 1969.

First is "Madness in the Method" by Rocco Mastroserio (art) and Archie Goodwin (story). Our protagonist, Henry, murders his wife and convinces everyone, including the court that he is insane. He finds the insane asylum he's put in unbearable though, and admits to the murder, wanting to be sent to prison instead. The doctors there refuse though, only permitting him to take part in a test to see if he's normal. Unfortunately for him, that results in them taking his brain out of his body.

Our first original story this issue is "In the Subway" by Tony Williamsune (art) and Reuben Reid (story). Reid was the winner of an amateur writer contest Warren held. The story is about a shapeshifter who eats people in the subway. He confronts a man who confounds him, who ends up being another shapeshifter that eats him! Williamsune's monsters are pretty cool looking here.

Next is "The Worm is Turning" by Ernie Colon (art) and Kim Ball (story). A sorceror summons a worm like creature and promises him 5 servents in exchange for eternal life, but dies when his house collapses. The five men scheme over obtaining him money, but all end up dying due to tapeworms.

"Grub" with art by Tom Sutton and story by Nicola Cuti (his Warren debut) is next. The story is about a derelict ship found in space that contains an odd monster and a number of beautiful women. The women are actually there as bait for the monster, who kills everyone but two, and tells them they have to have children in order to feed him!

"Valley of the Vampires" by Bhob Stewart & Steve Stiles (art) and Arnold Hayes (story) features a vampire society discovered in the jungle. The vampire expert there is convinced that they need holy water and says they don't need guns to protect themselves, but when the vampires capture them, its the opposite that is true and they are all killed.

The cover story, "The Doorway" is by Dan Adkins (art) and Archie Goodwin (story), originally from Creepy #11. A security guard comes across a destroyed lab with an odd doorway. He goes through and finds himself in another world, where a large bat like creature with a skull face takes over a man's body. Another creature arrives and takes over our protagonist, who destroys the doorway and kills himself in order to stop it from taking over Earth. Only the creature takes over a nearby person upon his death, enabling him to restore the doorway.

The issue wraps up with "The Adventure of the German Student" by Jerry Grandenetti (art) and Archie Goodwin (story), originally published in Creepy #15. This is an adaption of a Washington Irving story. A german student staying in Paris meets a beautiful woman by the guillotine and sleeps with her. The next day he wakes up to find her dead! When he summons the authorities, they reveal that she was executed the previous day and her head falls off! The student goes crazy and ends up in an asylum, where he dies.


tom said...

That cover is pretty disturbing, I'm glad I didn't see that when I was a little kid. There was one issue, I can't remember if it was Creepy or Eerie. The cover featured a guy on an executioner's platform holding his own severed head. The whole scene had brownish/yellow tone to it. Gave me nightmares. Do you happen to know which issue that was?

alex said...

I have no idea about the other edition, but I totally agree that this is one hell of a creepy cover ! Such surrealist scene even now makes me feel queer.