Saturday, August 30, 2008

Eerie 62

The Unholy Creation is cover featured for this issue, by Sanjulian. Berni Wrightson provides a frontis with Cousin Eerie.

First is the first part of a new series featuring the four horsemen of the Apocalypse, appropriately titled, 'Apocalypse'. The first part is titled "The War". Art is by Jose Ortiz and story is by Budd Lewis. The weakest of the four stories in this series, this tale chronicles battles from the beginning of man while two chess players compare war to a game. While this is a weak first segment, overall this may be Eerie's greatest series ever, which would continue in the next three issues.

Second is "Cool Air" by Berni Wrightson, adapted from the HP Lovecraft story. This classic tale tells of a man who moves into a new boarding house where he befriends his neighbor who lives upstairs, Dr. Munoz. Munoz suffers from a disease which forces him to keep his apartment at a very cold temperature continuously. One day his machine that keeps the temperature cold breaks, and while the main character brings as much ice as he can Munoz rots away as it ends up he was dead the entire time and looked like a normal person because of the cold.

Third is "Crackermeyer's Churchyard", tha latest segment in 'The Spook' series. Art is by Leopold Sanchez and story is by Budd Lewis, who takes over the series from this point forward. The story introduces a new character, Crackermeyer, who takes center stage for this story over the Spook. The story surrounds an evil white man who tries to take away some land that was given to some black people. Crackermeyer and the Spook step in to ensure they get to keep the land.

Fourth is the first part of a new two part series, titled 'The Butcher'. This story's called "Forgive Us Our Tresspasses", with art by Richard Corben and story by Bill Dubay. This gangland melodrama features a crime lord who is killed on his deathbed by assassins hired by one of his sons, hoping to frame a rival crime family. During the murder the priest who was tending the crime lord is mutilated and apparantely killed. After hiding out the assassins are all killed... by the priest, who survived the attack and now swears revenge as 'The Butcher'. A very entertaining, but very short new series.

Fifth is the second and final part of 'The Unholy Creation' serial, "Circus of Pain" by Leopold Sanchez (art) and Steve Skeates (story). This story focuses on Kuzzo, a freak in a circus who is friends with an elephant. The Unholy Creation arrives and does battle with the elephant, killing it. This angers Kuzzo but the two end up becoming frineds. A rather lame ending to a rather lame series.

Last is another segment in 'And the Mummies Walk', "Death be Proud" by Joaquin Blazquez (art) and Steve Skeates (story). Trogmore, in Arthur Lemming's body continues to live the excesses of life, and kills a young boy. Lemming in his Mummy body is finally able to reach him and knock him out, and is able to use a spell to return to his own body. Only mere moments later the father of the killed boy arrives and kills him. A sad end for Arthur Lemming as his part in this series finally comes to an end after 9 segments. Only one more segment in the series remains, to be concluded in the next issue.


Anonymous said...

Love you blog! I just found a copy of The Warren Companion at a comic store for cover price and have been getting back into Warren/Skywald/70's horror magazines with a vengeance. Just wish you included more of your analysis and opinion for each issue. Thanks for a great blog.

Quiddity said...

Thanks for the comment! I will try to work in more analysis and personal commentary going forward ;) Certainly there are issues (particularly the late 1960s and 1980s ones) where its just not that good an issue and I like to plow through the write up as fast as possible, but I will try my hardest to get some more substance into them as I can, where possible ;) Happy reading with TWC! Its a terrific, terrific book, particularly the analysis of the SI artists who are rarely spoken of in English books :P