Saturday, August 9, 2008

Creepy 24

This issue's cover is by Gutenberg Monteiro. Our frontis is "Creepy's Loathsome Lore" by Gray Morrow (art) and Archie Goodwin (story), reprinted from Creepy 13.

Up first is "Black Magic" by Steve Ditko (art) and Archie Goodwin (story), originally from Eerie 5. A sorceror summons a woman from the dead, despite the warnings of his old master. When she ends up being crazy, he casts a spell that makes her dead again, only to suffer the same fate himself, since he was raised from the dead by his master!

Next is "You Do Something to Me" by Tom Sutton (art) and Bill Parente (story). My personal favorite of the new stories in this issue, it tells of a man who finds out that his wife is using black magic. He thinks she is trying to kill him, so he throws the amulet that she has (which contains a picture of him inside) into the fire, thinking that it will stop the magic. It does, but it ends up that the magic was keeping him alive, as he had been actually killed in a car accident years before! As a result he immediately rots into nothing.

Next up is "The Day After Doomsday" by Dan Adkins (art) and Archie Goodwin (story), from Eerie 8. A man finds himself in a post-apocalyptic world, and confronts multiple mutated beasts which he fights off. Eventually he finds normal humans whom he stays with, only to find that they are cannibals, who eat him! Very nice art by Adkins here.

Fourth is "Room For a Guest" by Reed Crandall (art) and Bill Parente (story). This was Crandall's first new story for Warren since their collapse in late 1967. A young man comes to see a man at a castle who is collecting tons of macabre books. It eventually ends up that he is Satan himself!

Another reprint from Eerie 8 is next, "Typecast!" by Jerry Grandenetti (art) and Archie Goodwin (story). An actor gets upset with being typecast into the role of a killer or monster in many horror movies. Eventually he goes crazy and kills his agent. Years later he is let out of the looney bin accidently and returns to his crazy ways.

Last is "A Silver Dread Among the Gold" by Tony Williamsune (art) and the team of Bill Parente & George Hagenauer (story). The story tells of a viking who seeks eternal life by heading out into the mountains, but comes back nearly frozen and in a bad state. Many years later climbers come across his body, surrounded by silver. They remove it, only for him to come to life as a werewolf!

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