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Creepy 132

This issue is an all Richard Corben special, including the cover, which is reprinted from Eerie 90. This issue is dated October 1981.

The first story is "A Tangible Hatred" by Richard Corben (art) and Don McGregor (story), from Creepy 43. A very incomprehensible poor story from McGregor which has some very nice Corben artwork. It features a rotting corpse hitchhiker who is created due to people's hatred. The story features, Detective Turner, a recurring character in many McGregor stories. As is often seen from him, absolute crap from McGregor with a lot of political/hippie nonsense.

Second is "Bright Eyes" by Richard Corben (art) and Doug Moench (story), from Eerie 43. The story features a plantation owner who uses a lot of dead corpses, revived from the dead, to do work for him. One of the dead men's brothers arrives and wants to take him away from there. The plantation owner refuses and in a struggle with the brother is killed. But this results in all the corpses rotting away to nothing since their summoner is dead.

Third is the story, "A Woman Scorned" by Richard Corben (art) and Bruce Jones (story), from Eerie 90. This story features a girl and the talking blue lizard she travels with in a desolate world, who keeps trying to get her to remember things, which appears as soon as she does. This includes a car, a house, trees, etc... We head to the past where we learn about the girl's childhood and her ability to cause anything she want to happen. She is soon able to get everything back to normal, including turning the lizard back into her boyfriend, but when she remembers him cheating on her, she resets everything to nothingness once again.

Fourth is "Bowser" by Richard Corben (art) and Jan Strand (story). This story is from Vampirella 54. The story is about a boy who owns a unique pet, Bowser, a tentacled monster. The monster eats dogs, humans, etc... causing the boy's parents to want to get rid of it. He lets the creature go free but it ends up the problems were due to Bowser being pregnant, and it has babies, many more little tentacled monsters.

"The Pest" is next, by Richard Corben (art) and Al Hewetson (story), from Eerie 33. A bug killing device is created that uses toxic gas, and causes problems for ill adults or children. Its creator is getting rich off of it and could care less until he turns into a bug himself, well at least thinks he does, and dies of a heart attack.

Sixth is "The Mummy's Victory" by Richard Corben (art) and Roger McKenzie (story), from Creepy 84. A mummy in a museum comes back to life and takes the place of an injured player in a football game, winning the game for them! Funny art by Corben on the mummy.

Seventh is the first part of a two part series, titled 'The Butcher'. This story's called "Forgive Us Our Tresspasses", with art by Richard Corben and story by Bill Dubay. This story is from Eerie 62. This gangland melodrama features a crime lord who is killed on his deathbed by assassins hired by one of his sons, hoping to frame a rival crime family. During the murder the priest who was tending the crime lord is mutilated and apparantely killed. After hiding out the assassins are all killed... by the priest, who survived the attack and now swears revenge as 'The Butcher'.

Last is the second and final part of the Butcher, titled "Bye Bye Miss American Dream" by Richard Corben (art) and Bill Dubay (story), from Eerie 64. The mob war continues, with the youngest Gambino brother wiping out the leaders of both mobs and taking all the power for himself... only for the Butcher to arrive and kill him seconds later. Realizing he enjoys killing however, the Butcher retires.

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