Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vampirella 105

Enrich provides the cover for this issue of Vampirella, dated May 1982. This issue features four reprinted Vampirella stories, melded into a single story with some edits to the art and writing. Jose Gonzalez provides the art while Bill Dubay provides the story. The four stories featured are "The Glorious Return of Sweet Baby Theda" from issue 67, "Orphee, Poor Orphee" from issue 68, "The Case of the Connected Clows and the Collector!" from issue 71 and "The Blob Beast of Blighter's Bog" from issue 75.

Vampirella and Pantha head to Hollywood and immediately get picked by an old woman, Theda to take part in a movie about her. In actuality, Theda seeks to take Vampi's face and Pantha's body and attempt her own comeback. Luckily for our heroines, Theda's butler saves them and they are able to escape. Later Vampirella works on making a movie where a number of robots are coming after her. At the same time a scientist who lives nearby has created a bizarre looking tentacled creature, Orphee, who is accused of being a cannibal due to recent murders. The creature watches Vampi fighting the robots for the movie and thinking they are real, interferes, fighting them off. It is soon revealed that the murders were committed by someone else, clearing Orphee. Later Vampirella works on another movie. Meanwhile movie stars have been dissappearing including one working on the movie. It ends up that a crazed man at the production studio has been kidnapping them and he does so to Vampi, who is able to escape. A parallel storyline featuring Pantha and her encounter with siamese twins with domineering sexual habits also takes place. In the last part of the issue Vampirella is recruited for a new movie with Pantha's help. The movie is directed by Emile Gorgonzola and is also starring his fat wife Beatrice who is a cannibal that desires to eat Vampi. Beatrice is actually an alien who has controlled Emile's mind and gotten him to bring her victims. With her getting old her power is slipping and Vampi and Pantha are able to defeat her and escape.

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