Thursday, June 26, 2008

Vampirella 94

I realized that I posted Vampirella 95 before issue 94, a bad mistake of mine given that there are many continous series in these issues. So here's issue 94!

Vampirella's cover this issue is a conglomoration of a number of different past issues, something which had already been done before on issue 45's cover. Jose Gonzalez contributes a portrait of Vampirella on the table of contents page, something that would be common throughout the rest of this title's run.

First up is "Death Machine" by Rudy Nebres (art) and Rich Margopoulos (story). Taking place immediately after the end of the prior tale, the leader of Apocalypse Inc arranges for a humanoid robot to attack Vampi at her home. Vampi eventually defeats it, revealing a 10 year old girl who was controlling it.

Next up is the second part of "Cassandra St. Knight" by Auraleon (art) and Rich Margopoulos (story). Continuing from the past story, Cassandra and Tarot battle a psychic entity that follows them to the real world from hell. Eventually they are able to defeat it and send it back to hell.

Another segment in the Pantha serial is third, "Druids on 54th Street!" by Jose Ortiz (art, who takes on this role for the remainder of the serial's run) and Rich Margopoulos (story). Pantha goes back to being a stripper, but the place she joins is occupied by a bunch of cult members who try to sacrifice her in order to obtain great positions in life. Using her Panther shapeshifting power, Pantha is able to defeat them all.

"The Big Shot" is next, by Delando Nino (art) and Michael Fleisher (story). The story is about a human cannonball in a circus who kills a fellow performer, whose girlfriend gets revenge by switching the cannon that he had ordered with one that ends up killing him.

Fifth is "The Last Gift", a christmas story by Esteban Maroto (art) and Roger McKenzie (story). The story takes place a number of years after the death of Santa, all his reindeer and helpers except for one. In a post apocalyptic world the last survivor tries to restore Christmas to how it used to be but fails and ends up killing himself. Quite a depressing Christmas tale!

Last is "Gunplay" by the Artifact team (John Lakey, Val Lakey & Laura Buscemi). This story is about a group of outlaws who rob a bank but get pursued by the cops and mostly get gunned down. The last two are a man and his brother, who is already severly wounded. Eventually the outlaw agrees to shoot his brother to put him out of his misery. The ending reveals that it was actually kids all along. As usual, terrific art by the Lakeys.

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