Sunday, June 1, 2008

Vampirella 92

Only three stories in this issue of Vampirella! Two very good ones and a slightly better Vampi story than usual here. The cover is by Enrich, as usual, featuring Vampirella being pursued in an alley by a wolf like creature.

Our Vampirella story for this issue is "Bracelets, Demons and Death!" by Rudy Nebres (art) and Rich Margopolous (story). Vampi gets a new roommate, Cryssie, and the two head to a party where a number of people in a movie that Vampi was involved with are at. Only when they arrive there, everyone is dead. A disillusioned effects guy, Swillman is responsible for the deaths, having summoned three demons with a bracelet that originally belonged to Jebediah Pah (star of a series in Eerie from around 1976). He comes after Vampi and Cryssie, and steals a bracelet that Cryssie's wearing that enables him to summon three more demons, one of which ends up being Cryssie herself. Cryssie goes on a rampage, killing all the other demons and Swillman, and turns back to her normal self. Slightly better Vampi story than usual but Nebres's art as always does nothing for me.

Second is "That Future Long Ago" by Auraleon (art) and Bruce Jones (story). A man is nearly killed in a car crash but is put in suspended animation and brought back to life 22 years later. He goes to see his wife, who had twins, one who looked just like him, and one who liked just like her. Our protagonist soon realizes that things are wrong however and its revealed that the whole thing is staged by a foreign government seeking to use his expertise while actors, who were taking the place of his wife and son take his place in society. Refusing to be a part of it, he drives himself and his real wife (brainwashed into thinking she was his daughter) off a cliff to their deaths.

Last is "Second Coming" by Jose Ortiz (art) and Bill Dubay (story, as Will Richardson). This story features duel storylines, one about an old man who doesn't want to die and the second a young woman whose pregnant with a baby that she believes is the anti-christ. A hypnotist helps the old man's spirit depart his body, and he heads into the young woman, seeking to take the body of her baby and begin life anew. This causes her to think that a demon is entering her however, and she ends up killing herself, the baby, and him.

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alex said...

The name referred on the first story is actually "Jedediah Pan".